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Agriculture is our specialty.

H&R focuses exclusively on agriculture processing and has a deep understanding of the industry’s unique requirements, challenges, and trends. This expertise allows us to provide tailored staffing solutions that meet the needs of processing facilities, farms, nurseries, and other agricultural businesses.

Ranked #639 Fastest Growing Company in the USA by Inc 5000, 2022.

Industrial Division
Industrial Division

Nut Processing & Hulling

Industrial Division
Industrial Division

Vegetable Processing

Industrial Division
Industrial Division

Cold Storage Operations

Industrial Division
Industrial Division

Fruit & Citrus Processing

Industrial Division
Industrial Division

Packing House Operations

Experience the H&R difference.
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • On-Site Management
  • Compliance Guaranteed
  • Minimized Risk
Does your staffing agency provide the right support, compliance and risk manamgent?

On-Site Managment

H&R provides full-time one-site managment and support.

Compliance Guaranteed

100% compliance guarantee to all state and federal laws.

Risk Management

Managing all risk from employee relations to injury prevention.

Flexibility & Scalability

Agricultural businesses face vast seasonal fluctuations and labor demands. Whether the need is for short-term or long-term workers, part-time or full- time employees, we quickly adapt to the changing needs of the client and provide our staffing solutions accordingly.

Extensive Talent Network

H&R has access to a vast pool of skilled and qualified workers in the agriculture and processing industry. We invest time and resources in building a network of professionals with experience in all aspects of the agriculture life cycle. Hence, we quickly match clients with the right candidates for their specific roles.

Compliance & Regulations

The agriculture and processing industries are subject to various labor laws, safety regulations, and compliance requirements. H&R stays up to date with these regulations and ensures that all placements comply with these laws, including health and safety regulations, wage laws, and more. Have peace of mind knowing that your workforce is in compliance.

Dedicated Support

Prioritizing client satisfaction and ongoing support above all else! We respond promptly to all inquiries, and ensure that placements are successful. Whether it’s troubleshooting issues, managing employee relations, or addressing client-specific needs, H&R strives to build strong, long-term partnerships with our clients.

What our clients are saying.
H&R Labor Contracting has been providing Weeks Roses with field, and facility labor since 2017. We have built a partnership with them and without their dedication and quick response to accommodate our labor needs our harvest would be much more difficult to complete in an efficient timely manner. They are knowledgeable and compliant in all areas pertaining to safety, wage and hour laws, and COVID-19 prevention. They would be a great addition to any business looking for assistance with labor needs.

-Juliet Villanueva

HR Manager, Weeks Roses

The Garlic Company has been using H&R Labor Contracting since March 2021, and in that time Robert Heredia, Alex Ramos and their team have help us fill our temporary staffing needs. The staff at H&R Labor Contracting is attentive, responsive, and professional. They have been able to meet our staffing needs based on our production schedules and even at times, if necessary, with little or no advance notice. We look forward to continuing building on our current relationship with H&R Labor Contracting.

-Anthony J Kelly

Vice President, Human Resources

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